Happy Lunar New Year!

Inspirational Boost # 28   |   February 18, 2015

Boost 28

Unlike the solar new year which always begins on January 1st, the starting date of the lunar new year changes every year. Why? Because the universal calendar that we use is a solar calendar and it measures the solar cycle, which is different than the shorter lunar cycles. And so the moon appears erratic to us, but that’s only because we’re looking at it through a solar-centric perspective.

See how you can use this sun/moon analogy in your own life to open yourself up to new possibilities in this lunar new year.

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Supporting Creativity

Inspirational Boost # 27   |   February 4, 2015

Cloud computing concept

See if this resonates with you.

I used to be focused on me as the “creator,” me as the person who does the creating, that it’s all up to me to create something from nothing. Me me me.

And this self-focus on me as the creator generated tons of inner resistance in the form of procrastination, overwhelm and all the other shades of fear, and I also often felt invalidated by the external world, as though what I created didn’t seem to really matter to anyone else. Again, it was all about me me me.

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