Coming out of a creative fog

Inspirational Boost # 36   |   August 12, 2015


For the past nearly two months I’d been in a creative fog, a kind of lethargy that drained me of any will or desire to create. It just seemed pointless, and even inauthentic to muster up the energy to create these Inspirational Boosts or any other self-generated creative work.

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Listening from your heart to find your way

Inspirational Boost # 34   |   May 27, 2015

Heart illustration

When I listen from my heart, I see possibilities that expand me and my future; when I listen only from my head, I see limitations that shrink me and keep me small.

Which would you rather see—possibilities or limitations?

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How to become more creative

Inspirational Boost # 33   |   May 13, 2015


“The question of how to become more creative is not about learning anything, or even doing anything, but about allowing whatever arises to gain expression.”

-Nina Wise, performance artist

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Are you a Lone Ranger?

Inspirational Boost # 32   |   April 29, 2015

Cactus Shadow

Do you place your independence above all else? Does the idea of asking for support make you cringe? Do you chide yourself when you can’t accomplish things on your own?

If you said yes to any of these questions, join the club.

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